"Fresh food has to be fresh, and hot food served hot" - Kosta



osta has always taken pride when preparing,cooking and serving food.

He insists that “hot food should be served hot” and “fresh food should be fresh”. It’s this attention to food, as well as the service, that has made Tassos Village Grill a firm favourite with visitors and locals alike.

Tassos Village Grills’ home-made almond Brandy receipe is a closely guarded family secret, although he has been known to have a small brandy nightcap at the end the night, it is enjoyed by many of our guests (and the locals like it too)

Specialities At Tassos Grill Taverna

• A wide variation of appetizers,
• Cleopatra sea food platter in garlic sauce served with fresh potatoes and salad,
• Grilled lamb chops served with fresh salad and potatoes,
• Freshly cooked mousaka in the pot,
• Stifado,
• Sofrito – a Corfiot dish,
• Freshly grilled kebabs served with salad and potatoes,
• Captain Nikos seafood pasta in a slightly spicy tomato sauce,

• Kalamari,
• Sardines,
• Garlic prawns.
• Chicked dishes with a choice of sauces.
Fresh Sea Bass, Grey Snapper, Sole and Salmon fillet.
• The now famous Bourdeto (red scorpion fish in red spicy sauce)
Homemade local culinary specialities including Mousaka and Tzaziki

Desserts, Fresh Fruit, Ice Cream Coffees,

Desserts, Fresh Fruit, Ice Cream Coffees,
Try a typical Greek dessert:such as yogurt with honey, baklava or custard pie.

If you do not like sugar, try our fruits such as water melon, white melon, apple or orange – and of course, we serve ice cream all the time.

As well as Espresso and Capuccino, you may want to try a Greek coffee with ouzo, or an Italian coffee

We cater for groups,parties and Weddings

A Small Selection From The Menu

tassos-grill-food (2)
Fresh Garlic KIng Prawns

Fresh Garllic King Prawns

tassos-grill-food (4)
Cleopatra Sea Food Platter in Wine & Garlic Sauce

Cleopatra Sea Food Platter in Wine & Garlic Sauce

tassos-grill-food (5)
Grilled Fresh Grey Snapper

Grilled Fresh Grey Snapper

tassos-grill-food (6)
Fresh Baby Calamari

Fresh Baby Calamari

Reservations: Tel:+30 26610 76884, +30 6956 133 184, +30 697 481 3061